Negotiation Is an Empowering Quality That Adds Value to Our Commerce and Purchasing

The Lost Art of Negotiation. It has been a few years now since my return to life in the United States after an almost three-year stint of living, working and acclimating to life overseas and far removed from the Americas and American-cultured living, shopping and working in agreement to the way that I was raised in the states. It was a life-expanding experience, to say the least, I was challenged in almost every area of life and I am probably more humbled and educated in the area of diversity than I could have ever read in any book or seen in any movie. My experience was life-expanding, at times challenging, and to this day, still continues to bring value to my life choices, knowledge, patience and spirituality. The choices that I allow now have been thanks to the gift of actual immersion in a new way of living, working and doing the mundane things in life, like shopping and cooking. Prior to living overseas, I don’t believe that I would be as open-minded and as anxious and eager to learn about my environment as I am now.

I am appreciative of the fact that I had the opportunity and the time to vacation frequently before making the life-expanding decision to relocate overseas. I experienced not only a different culture; a different truth that people live by; showing their convictions in a positive, awe-inspiring and homogeneous way. One of those expansions was in the lost Art of Negotiation…

Negotiating skills, are not only accepted but expected for most purchases; Viewed as a sign of appreciation and intelligence and brings value to the patron and reverence to the vendor. While living overseas, I don’t believe that we ever paid full-price for anything. Negotiating brings back a nostalgic appreciation for some of the simpler things in life that we have taken for granted.

Negotiation for many cultures actually resonates into the pride and the integrity of the product, or service; it displays your own faith in the quality and significant difference of your service or product to the buyer or consumer. THIS is almost incomprehensible to folks that were born in America, but very much so a measure of status and prestige as you leave American-cultured ideas and beliefs.

I remember negotiating at the markets when purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables. And the games began soon we were off to the races! Patrons were less guarded and eager to be amused and to peruse display carts to demonstrate that they would be willing to buy quality products and services worthy of the time it takes to negotiate. Many times, the success of your experience depended on the patron, though this was not always a hard and fast rule. The more enterprising vendors would sell you their very best goods and services with genuine ease; thus single-handedly authorizing more money; even exceeding their own expectations! We were fortunate enough to be engaged on both sides of the adventure as both patrons for personal goods and entrepreneurs of our own service-based business.

The Art of Negotiation is a custom that is very much alive and thriving! We negotiated everywhere and with everyone, it was just as much appreciated as it was expected!

In my estimation, it is a win-win situation, as essentially we are also solely responsible for our finances, how much we pay for goods, our incurred expenses; we all have the right to walk away from a business transaction if we so desire.

Diversity taught me so many things both big and small; being grateful in everything; living with condensed closet space; enjoying the ability to see all of your possessions at a glance; to fixing and repairing versus replacing, storing and hoarding; I am so appreciative, in so many areas, that living overseas brought to my life something enlightening and liberating and inspiring! And of course, upon my return home, I realize the lost art of negotiation here in the states.

It affected every cell of my being, decisions that I make; personality; even in the way that I listen to my inner voice and wisdom… In alignment with truth, what I learned is that as long as you are following your true wishes and desires, without causing harm to yourself, or to others; you are in agreement with what is good and aware of all of the many opportunities that you can share with another and release for yourself! Another thing that I have also learned is that anywhere on earth, that you choose to live, somethings remain the same. “People still buy people and still desire to feel respected, connected and acknowledged for their intellect and for that internal feeling of belonging to a group of like-minded individuals that think and process situations and events in similar ways to themselves.”